Our Services 

Our Services 

We now know that 'genetics load the gun but lifestyle pulls the trigger'. Lifestyle factors have a powerful effect on multiple brain and body systems. Our services provide practical ways for all to benefit by using lifestyle as treatment: 

Bespoke Health Talks 
Depression & Anxiety Recovery Programmes 
Stress Management Programme 
Health & Lifestyle Coaching 
Cooking Classes 
Psychology Tutorials 

Renew Your Mind provides Bespoke Health Talks to institutions such as schools, prisons, churches and corporate businesses that will inspire and help you learn and implement simple but powerful strategies to transform your life. These include how to: 

Recover from Depression and Anxiety 
Tips to Manage Stress and Optimise Performance 
Improve memory and Learning 
Improve Brain (Frontal Lobe) Function through Nutrition & Lifestyle 
Minimise your risk for common Mental and Lifestyle diseases 

Health and Lifestyle Coaching  "If you want changes, we can take you from supermarket to plate. This is where we work with individuals educating them on some basic food choices, we make from our supermarket shelves to planning, preparation and partaking of a delicious and nutritious meal."  

 Renew your Mind has a series of educational resources which will provide you with practical, evidence-based tips for making lasting positive lifestyle changes and improving physical, mental, and spiritual health. These include:  


REBOOT: Depression & Anxiety Recovery Seminar 
This seminar introduces individuals to the Brain, and the growing epidemic of ‘Depression and Anxiety’ and looks at what depression is and is not, the major causes and risk factors and tips for recovery. 


NDARP 8 Weeks Seminar 
This is an in-depth 8 weeks educational programme that explore the latest research and science behind ‘Depression and Anxiety’ and how we can recover from these maladies by implementing practical nutritional and lifestyle changes. 


Psychology of Stress Seminar 
This lecture introduces individuals to the ‘Psychology of Stress’ and gives insight on this multi-factorial problem. It explores how the brain and body responds to stressors, identify triggers and unhealthy coping mechanisms but more importantly how we can start the journey to recovery by managing daily stress with simple but practical lifestyle changes. 
We host cooking classes and workshops for individuals and groups who want to bring about better brain health and lasting changes in their lives. 
Our classes explore a variety of whole-food, plant-based recipes and dishes covering the gamut of breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a chance to get involved, get inspired, with fabulous results showing that anyone can do it, with a little encouragement and know-how. 
We offer psychology tutorials for sixth form students who need help from an experienced practitioner and AQA examiner who gets consistent A-C grades annually. His success hinges on inspiring and fuelling his students with brain hacks on how to revise, memorise, and retain information required to successfully complete their course of study. 
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