Eat less... 
No one can argue that something is happening in the world of food. The 'vegan revolution' is making in roads in what was thought an impregnable animal kingdom, pardon the pun. Science has finally caught up with experience which shows not only the plight of eating animal flesh on the planet, but more significantly on the bodies and minds of humans.  
A cursory glance of this new vision suggest that we are simply 'digging our graves with our forks' and that there is an awakening pointing to the fact that we may be our worst enemies when it comes to survival. 
There is an old adage that says that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, however that small step in eating less... animal products , saturated fat, sugar and salt, could be a giant step for our individual and personal health, the health of our families and by extension the health and longevity of the planet, confirmed by the recently published Lancet report.  
Join us in this blood-less revolution as we go back to the basics from garden to plate. We can not only begin to eat less of the harmful things, but eating more of the helpful which promotes good physical and mental health.  
So lets eat more...fruits and vegetables which are cholesterol-free, low in saturated fat and calories, but high in fibre and anti-oxidants.  
Eat more..whole-grain foods high in dietary fibre, essential minerals for heart and digestive health. Eat more... nuts and legumes for omega-3 fatty acids which protects the heart from disease. 
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