Jonathan Barrett 

Venrease spoke about stress from various angles. The main takeaway I got from it is that sleep is significant. The bottom line seems to be that the better we sleep, the less likely we are to suffer from the unwanted consequences of stress and by extension physical and mental illness. Other factors that also affect stress include exercise and diet. 
The presenter was knowledgeable, easy to listen to, and had excellent slides. 

Coleridge Community College  

"Venrease delivered a much needed seminar on stress to the staff of my school. His easy-going attitude put us at ease and his scientifically grounded and informative talk gave us clear actionable advice on how to respond to stress." 
James Wyatt-Moon | 7CE Form tutor | Teacher of Physics 


I attended the talk about depression and anxiety to gain insight into an issue facing a close friend. Our speaker, Venrease, knows his subject intimately and gave a great deal of information which will be so helpful not only to my friend but on a wider scale throughout our communities especially with the anxious times that are being experienced by individuals and smaller businesses as a result of BREXIT. 
There were so many powerful phrases and concepts such as... our mind body and spirit are interconnected so each affects another area...mental health is a growing epidemic and by 2020 it will be the greatest killer of man....prayer is a key that unlocks all doors...laughter is in itself a medicine...live your life in a spirit of gratitude and praise....depression is not your fault...what I eat affects how I think....loneliness is a very big risk factor for depression. 
Our speaker must be congratulated on providing such a great deal of information in such a brief session covering a huge subject.I look forward to his expanded talks over 8 sessions in the New Year. God bless you all 
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